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About her book, “Sorting Through the Past”

“Sorting Through the Past” is a comprehensive guide by Linda Hilton, an experienced professional organizer, that delves into the challenging and often emotionally charged process of cleaning out a home filled with memories and cherished belongings. Whether you’re dealing with your own space or assisting someone close to you, the task can be overwhelming and fraught with psychological hurdles. In her book, Linda offers a wealth of practical advice and strategies to help readers navigate this complex process while maintaining order and composure. By sharing her expertise, she aims to not only make the process more manageable but also to provide valuable insights on how to move forward with grace and positivity.

Throughout the pages of “Sorting Through the Past,” Linda emphasizes the importance of preserving relationships during such a trying time. She understands that the emotions involved in clearing out a home can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings among family members and friends. Drawing from her years of experience in the organizing industry, Linda shares tips on how to approach sensitive situations and maintain open communication, ensuring that relationships remain intact and supportive throughout the process. Her compassionate guidance serves as a beacon for those grappling with the emotional weight of decluttering and reorganizing their living spaces filled with memories.

In her book, Linda Hilton expertly combines practical organizing techniques with a deep understanding of the psychological aspects involved in sorting through one’s past. “Sorting Through the Past” serves as an invaluable resource for anyone facing the daunting task of cleaning out a home, providing step-by-step guidance, encouragement, and wisdom to help readers overcome obstacles and emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. With its focus on preserving relationships and fostering personal growth, this book is not just an organizing manual but a testament to the transformative power of approaching life’s challenges with empathy and understanding.

Order Linda’s book from King’s English Bookshop.

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